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Thank you

GAPAS wants to say a big thank you to our supporters and partners for your civic commitment to our youth and communities.


"It was truly enjoyable watching your presentation; and we look forward to your continued support next year."

Patricia Challenger-Brade, Chair, Peel United Cultural Partners

"This group performed at a highly professional level. The diverse audience made up of adults and children, black people and white and Indian people all enjoyed their brilliant production. The production was educational yet emotional, historical but with messages that are applicable today. It was inspirational for the young people as well as the adult audience."

Joyce Temple-Smith, Executive Director, Malton Neighbourhood Services

"I hope all your endeavours are accomplished and one can only hope that your desire to continue giving to the community will endure.  May your presence and work within our community, and beyond, continue to be a comfort and strength."

Garnett Manning, Brampton City Councillor Wards 9 & 10

If you would like to know more about ways to support GAPAS, please visit our Support Us page.

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