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How we serve our Community

Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society GAPAS believes that the value of the Arts is immeasurable and highly educational.  As a result, GAPAS offer both education and entertainment to all of its local and international communities.  Beginning with Truth, we work upward to achieve freedom and finally Peace; keeping in mind that without Truth, there can be no freedom, and without freedom, there can be no peace; and where peace is absent, vanity and violence are dominant.  Furthermore, we recognise that the fundamental strength of any community may be found in the application of the diverse talent of its people.


Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society is a registered not-for-profit organisation in Canada and the USA.


Our Background

Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society is an amalgamation of the Genesis Cultural Organisation and the Genesis Academy of Performing Arts.  The people of our community have established a caring and compassionate organisation, based on the commitment to human dignity and by taking a leadership role dedicated to peace and harmony.



Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society was founded in December of 2005, and updated in January 2007 in order to meet the need for a comprehensive educational programme (spiritual, cultural, historical, etc.), as well as community outreach programmes, that may be presented through visual and performing arts.  By highlighting the immense contribution of the children of slavery to Western Civilization, GAPAS has been recognized as the first organization to proclaim “Black History Month” in Brampton Ontario in 2006. Today, GAPAS is a vibrant group working to advance spiritual, social, educational and cultural interests and to foster unity and cooperation in our community.  



Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society (GAPAS), was founded by Shadrock Porter, the Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, playwright, director, singer, and actor, who also wrote and produced many spectacular productions.  Shadrock Porter is well known for his creation “Shadow of the Slaves” a theatrical play honouring Canada for being a haven for slaves during the era of the underground railroad, this production made its mark at the Harbour Front Theatre.  He is also known for “The Journey”, a sold-out musical production in New York, London and Toronto just to name a few locations.

Our Background
Our Community

Commitment to Our Community

Our Mission

Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society brings together individuals and organisations dedicated to creating a positive regional impact in our community.  Our mission is to tell the story and share the culture of a forgotten people through visual and performing arts.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society is attentive to the needs of various cultural requirements in the community, that would enable the advancement of a prosperous society built on peace and harmony.


Our Vision

Our Values

Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society (GAPAS) is passionate about achieving its mission and fulfilling its vision through its core values which is to boldly stand on the Precepts of Truth.  GAPAS applies a comprehensive educational format that promotes personal integrity to achieve freedom, peace, harmony and prosperity.  Below are the details of our values.

Our Values

Unity and Common Purpose.

GAPAS believes that by fostering and promoting unity we will strive for a common purpose that embraces trust, respect, and teamwork.

Building relationships and community.

GAPAS believes that building strong partnerships and community begin with breaking down divisional barriers to promote community awareness. This includes having the desired goals in mind before acting and minimising the action-reaction syndrome.

Be there for those in need.

GAPAS believes in the tremendous potential and future of our community. We will assist whomever we can, and we will approach each challenge with a fresh, positive outlook.


The common denominator to all we do is found in maintaining our great culture. We will be innovative to explore every possibility to effect positive change.

Organisational effectiveness.

GAPAS members are insightful, innovative people who can think outside of the box, free of their surroundings, achieve strong organisational effectiveness.


We encourage visionaries who have disciplined their thought processes to act on challenges regardless of how things may appear so a breakthrough can be obtained.

Our Founder

Shadrock Porter (Shadrock) had discovered along life’s journey that he could sing. This talent brought him fame as a Guyanese soul artist. Some of his old records can still be heard playing on the radio in the Caribbean today.  Shadrock’s love for the arts led him to Canada, where he began working immediately, in film, theatre, and music. In cinema, Shadrock worked with stars such as Charles Bronson in Family of Cops, Al Pacino, Burt Reynolds and many others. He worked in commercials for Budweiser beer, Federal Express and many others, TV shows such as Top Cops and some clips. During his time in theatre, Shadrock won the coveted Dora Mava Moore Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Tony Award) in 1983 for the lead role of Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Black Theatre Canada.


Since devoting his life to the restoration of the historical knowledge, identity, culture, and religious practices of the Israelites, Shadrock has accomplished much.  Shadrock has written and directed many plays, such as The Story of Ruth, For Heaven Sake! And A Tribute To Our Freedom Fighters, The Journey, “Freedom Fighters” In the Mind of a Child. As Nicky Porter, he has written The Spirit the Passion and The Blood. He also wrote and produced The Shadow of the Slaves. This prevalent black historical dramatic play has been sold out locally in Toronto for many years. This theatrical masterpiece captures the plight of six runaway slaves and an abolitionist Quaker, who helps them along their way through the Underground Railroad. Their hardships and misfortunes are met with both tears and gladness as they travel to Canada.

Shadrock is the founder and president of Seven Branch Theatre Production. He is also responsible for forming his own theatrical and artistic training school for young artists, originally named The Israelite Academy of Performing Arts (I.A.P.A.), now known as Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society(GAPAS). In this school, students learn the secrets and nuances of the arts.

With all that he learned and experienced on the travels of life’s road, he is very proud to know and believe that he’s been blessed with a creative pulse that has always allowed him to find the outlets to express himself and to achieve his vision, goals and purpose in a world of constant transition. It is from his skills in music, public speaking, journalism, book writing, acting, playwriting, and directing, that he has always been able to take what was within and offer it in a meaningful way to those that would give him an audience.

Our Founder
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