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Freedom Fighters “In the Mind of a Child”

“Our Freedom Fighters in the Mind of a child” is a thought provoking engaging rendition of “A Tribute to Our Freedom Fighters”, written and directed by Shadrock Porter which is production.  This remarkable and entertaining anthology of young minds, ages 6 to 15 years old, is a must see.  The talent, passion, and the understanding of our Canadian history are all in a one package.

“A Tribute to our Freedom Fighters” highlights several of the most unforgettable leaders in history who have contributed to the fight for racial and social justice and equality throughout our times.  Incredible portrayals of historical figures such as Canadian heroes and heroines:  Mary-Anne Shad, John Ware, Marie Angelique whose love was not bound by the borders of race, as well as Sir John Graves Simcoe, who was a Canadian who understood the rights of all men and women. Caribbean activist Marcus Garvey, American activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nat Turner, just to name a few.  This production also includes the Sweet sounds of cultural songs and the compelling intrigue of interpretive dance, as well as the thought provoking medium of the spoken word.


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