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Black History Production

Freedom Fighters "In the Mind of a Child"

There is an intense war being waged for the minds of our children. Regardless of social or cultural background every child is at risk. Everywhere we look, there is serious competition to captivate the mind of each child, mostly with negative implications. There is only so much that parents and our schools can do. It is time for our Community to step up and assist. This is where GAPAS gets excited: Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society.  At GAPAS, we take Education to its highest level. We combine learning with Culture, Entertainment and Personal Integrity. We challenge our children to showcase their innate qualities and inspire their peers, while at the same time learning from their peers. It’s a win-win situation!

We believe the time is right for communities to join together in an effort to enhance our Educational System; to become a meaningful contributor to the Curriculum by assisting in the development of the mind of each child.  GAPAS is confident that we can be one of the best Educational Partners for your students and has enclosed our proposal to make it possible. We will be happy to meet with your Team of Educators to further discuss our Partnership.


Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society (GAPAS), was founded by Shadrock Porter, the Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, playwright, director, singer, and actor, who also wrote and produced many spectacular productions.  Shadrock Porter is well known for his creation “Shadow of the Slaves” a theatrical play honouring Canada for being a haven for slaves during the era of the underground rail road, this production made its mark at the Harbour Front Theatre.  He is also known for “The Journey”, a sold out musical production in New York, London and Toronto just to name a few locations.

GAPAS believes that the value of the Arts is immeasurable and highly educational.  As a result, GAPAS offer both education and entertainment to all its local and international communities.  Founded in 2005 and recognised in 2006 as the first organization to proclaim “Black History Month” in the municipality of Brampton, Ontario, GAPAS has worked with numerous community establishments, to bring visualization to history and culture through the arts.  We welcome you to visit our website for more information about our events, programs, and performances.


“A Tribute to our Freedom Fighters” highlights several of the most unforgettable leaders in history who have contributed to the fight for racial and social justice and equality throughout our times.  Incredible portrayals of historical figures such as Canadian heroes and heroines:  Mary-Anne Shad, John Ware, Marie Angelique whose love was not bound by the borders of race, as well as Sir John Graves Simcoe, who was a Canadian who understood the rights of all men and women. Caribbean activist Marcus Garvey, American activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nat Turner